OR Efficiency Platform

With our AI-backed data platform, we help hospitals implement OR efficiency best practices and support healthcare industry partners leverage value-based healthcare.

Step 1: Assess

Determine baseline efficiency


Detailed KPI and metrics overview

We typically generate unique local OR data insights for 8-10 surgeries to determine the efficiency and ergonomics baseline performance and existing best practices.

operating room efficiency metrics
OR efficiency improvements

Improvement and change roadmap

These data insights allow us to build a comprehensive data model for your own OR environment in our AI-backed data platform. Consequently, the data-model helps define improvement opportunities.

business case

Impact & return on investment analysis

The data-model also simulates and calculates the impact of the proposed changes. Findings ultimately make up a business case with a financial return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Business case operating room efficiency

Step 2: Change

Implement change roadmap

deo or efficiency platform

Best practices & technologies

After agreeing on the improvement pathways, we can support the surgical team in implementing the selected changes. These will depend on the local setup and insights from the data, with the aim to improve process efficiency, team ergonomics, and financial performance.

Step 3: Evaluate

Quantify the return on investment


What do the results look like?

Upon implementation, we validate the benefits of the changes. Our team generates once more a report on efficiency and ergonomics performance and compares the results with the baseline metrics to quantify the ROI.

operating room efficiency platform DEO

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Change management operating room efficiency

Change management

Be a change agent to catalyze implementation and growth in the OR and hospital.

DEO training programs operating room efficiency

Training programs

Continuous and team-focused, using the latest tech and proved practices.

reports measurement suite DEO operating room efficiency

DIY Measurement Suite

Access to the DEO software suite to perform measurements in-house.

measurement service operating room efficiency

Measurement services

Carry out extra measurements to extend the body of evidence and measure true effect.

baseline measurements operating room efficiency

Data analytics

Generate reports with the best OR practices and improvements based on data.

simulations operating room efficiency


Predict impact of additional changes via simulations to facilitate decision-making.

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