The power of
face-to-face training
brought online

Create a cost-effective, interactive training environment
online to keep up surgical trainings remotely.

Take OR training online

Maintain faculty trainings and engage surgeons remotely by bringing OR training online. The DEO Training Platform combines the power of on-site training with the cost-effectiveness of virtual training using Zoom and deferred live surgery.

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Exclusive distributor

Deferred live surgery

As exclusive distributor of DLivemed, we provide unique training materials that can be used through time. With the DLivemed technology, surgical teams can experience surgeries their way, navigating the 360-degree video and get the best view in the OR.

Dr.-Peter-Mertens online surgical training

DLivemed: Go where no one has gone, see what nobody has seen, learn what nobody has taught you before. Tips, tricks and knowledge in 4K quality.

Dr. Peter Mertens Orthopedic Surgeon

Koen-Van-Renterghem online surgical training

Surgical training used to be organized by assisting during surgery, attending live surgery meetings, etc. The surgical community recognizes this is not the best way to achieve this goal. Deferred live surgery meetings and masterclasses with theoretical courses, 3D models to train (dry lab), cadaver training and last but not least interactive surgical training videos are the future. These are the skills that are perfectly met by DLivemed. An ideal company on the right time.

Prof. Dr. Koen van Renterghem Urologist