The human and economic side

A real impact on teams and budgets

We can’t expect healthcare providers to work harder to absorb the ever-increasing pressure. Introducing OR efficiency allows hospitals and surgical teams to do more with less.

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Dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19

Increase job satisfaction and operating margin

Hospitals are struggling. They are searching for ways to generate more revenue — and this in a time where less ORs and staff are available to make up for lost income. The DEO OR Efficiency Platform allows hospitals to make up for the lost time by increasing the number of low variable care surgeries that can be performed in an OR without increasing OR hours. Even more important, our solution allows for standardization of the OR process, ensuring that physical and mental impact on the surgical staff is reduced. By reducing the total cost of treatment, the hospital can increase the operating margin per OR.

OR Efficiency Platform

Step by step: this is how we work

Step 1

Data gathering:
50+ datapoints


One of our experienced DEO engineers will capture 50+ data points per surgery, either on-site or remotely. We will measure and gather insights on the current efficiency and ergonomics processes of the OR.

Step 2



Together, we implement the best processes and technology based on what’s needed for your OR. We look at improving the flow and processes, e.g., the setup and breakdown of the OR, material usage and staff allocation.

Step 3

roadmap impact


After implementation, our team will come back to measure and validate the impact of the new processes, technology stack, ways of working, employee satisfaction, and of course, the return of investment.

A data-driven methodology that focuses on reducing the physical and mental impact on the surgical team while balancing quality, cost, and revenue.

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Financial impact

Tangible economic benefits

We’re already working with healthcare centers in Europe and the US to turn standard operating rooms into efficient operating rooms. When done right, everybody wins. The OR Efficiency Platform creates a real impact for teams and hospital finances: stress reduction, increased revenue, quality optimization, increased throughput times, better customer and employee satisfaction, and reduced total cost of treatment.

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