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Data-driven operating room efficiency

Here are some of the improvements you can achieve with the DEO OR Efficiency Platform to create better healthcare centers today and in the future.

Improve ergonomics, stress and fatigue 0

Optimize total cost of treatment 0

Increase revenue 0

Increase OR-throughput 0

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Increase job satisfaction and operating margin

Hospitals are struggling. They are searching for ways to generate more revenue — and this in a time where less ORs and staff are available to make up for lost income. The DEO OR Efficiency Platform allows hospitals to make up for the lost time by increasing the number of low variable care surgeries that can be performed in an OR without increasing OR hours. Even more important, our solution allows for standardization of the OR process, ensuring that physical and mental impact on the surgical staff is reduced. By reducing the total cost of treatment, the hospital can increase the operating margin per OR.

OR Efficiency Platform

Step 1

Data gathering
and roadmap


Starting with data, we analyze the current efficiency state of your operating room to create an improvement roadmap.

Step 2



Together we implement the best processes and technology based on what's most suitable for your OR.

Step 3

roadmap impact


Post-implementation we measure the impact of the new processes, technology, and ways of working.

Step 1: Data gathering and roadmap


Baseline measurements: 50+ data points

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your goals, our experts will visit your OR. With 50+ data points per surgery, we measure and gather insights on your current processes and efficiency in the OR. We analyze these data to predict how we together can make your OR more efficient by standardizing and optimizing procedures, reducing instruments, and implementing best-in-class technology.

Welcoming change

Improvement roadmap and best practices

Based on the baseline measurements, we propose a change management roadmap listing the different opportunities for improvement and predict the potential impact of the implementation. Together we make the right choices based on these actionable insights. The approved roadmap specifies the right technology and process changes enabling you to reach your goals.

Step 2: Roadmap implementation

Here, we look at the best processes and technology for your OR and together we pick the most suitable.

Change management OR DEO

Change management

Be a change agent to catalyze implementation and growth in the OR and hospital.

DEO training programs

Training programs

Continuous and team-focused, using the latest tech and proved practices.

reports measurement suite DEO

DIY Measurement Suite

Access to the DEO software suite to perform measurements in-house.

Measurement services

Carry out extra measurements to extend the body of evidence and measure true effect.

baseline measurements OR

Data analytics

Generate reports with the best OR practices and improvements based on data.

simulations OR


Predict impact of additional changes via simulations to facilitate decision-making.

Step 3: Measuring roadmap impact

Economic benefits

A tangible financial impact

Working with numerous healthcare centers to optimize efficiency allows us to predict and visualize the impact of best practices and cost-saving measures for your hospital. This includes stress reduction, increased revenue, quality optimization, increased throughput times, better customer and employee satisfaction, and reduced total cost of treatment.

Case study

From 4 to 13 cases per day with the OR Efficiency Platform

Dive in to learn, surgeon to surgeon, how Prof. Corten implemented the OR Efficiency Platform and increased the volume of direct anterior hip arthroplasties from 4 to 13 cases per day.

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