Better data
Faster insights

With rich and accurate data, we model a digital twin of your operating room to help you achieve operational excellence.

Operational Excellence in the Operating room:
What’s in it for you?

Our customers achieve their goals through operational excellence, and you can too.

How do we unlock Operational Excellence in the OR?

Our innovative healthcare technology platform is key.

Better Data

We generate rich and accurate data by measuring your OR over a period of 2 days. This gives us a detailed and comprehensive representation of your unique OR environment.

Faster Insights

Within four weeks, we report back with actionable insights and improvement opportunities for your local processes, based on measured best practices in hospitals worldwide.

Digital Twin

We configure a digital twin of your OR operations and simulate the impact of potential improvements to build a business case for achieving operational excellence.

better data

Why is our
data better?

Rather than data-mining your existing systems, we use our proprietary technology to generate rich and accurate surgical data from scratch. In a matter of days, we create a detailed representation of your unique operating room environment. It’s a 360-degree data measure that translates into a digital twin of your OR.

360-degree data measure digital twin
faster insights

What do we
mean by faster insights?

Within just 4 weeks, we’ll provide you with a wealth of actionable insights and improvement opportunities simulated for your local processes. It’s thanks to our OR data platform, our best practices database, and your digital twin that we’re able to deliver insights with such speed and accuracy.

your or made digital

Scenario simulation through a digital twin of your OR

With better data at hand, we configure a precise digital twin of your unique OR setup. This digital twin allows us to simulate potential improvements and measure their projected efficacy, giving you a clear guide to specific changes that will lead to operational excellence in your operating room.

Digital twin OR operational excellence

How can we work together?

Get valuable insights right away...and discover the benefits of ongoing support.

After measuring 2 OR days, receive your first insights report in a matter of weeks

We start with our measurement process generating baseline data & insights and configuring your digital twin.

Recurring measurements and reporting to keep your digital twin up to date

If you’re happy with the first report, we will provide you with insights on a regular basis to drive continuous improvement so you can report back to your teams and management.

Why others choose to work with us?

Fast, Easy & Scalable

  • Zero installation, no need for Wi-Fi
  • Simple, cost effective setup with initial insights delivered in just weeks
  • Digital twin updated regularly via our proprietary video solution
  • Recurrent reports to ensure ongoing operational excellence

Actionable, Achievable & Meaningful Insights

  • OR improvements are data driven, incremental, and measurable
  • Recommendations are based on best practices and simulated on your local processes
  • Human + Artificial Intelligence provide insights that are procedure specific, OR focused, and relevant to your unique environment

Impact the full Quadruple Aim insights add value to stakeholders across the entire ecosystem, allowing you to:

  • Improve team well-being
  • Increase operational efficiency & throughput
  • Optimize financial performance
  • Enhance patient experiences
Prof dr Kristoff Corten DEO

Eliminating OR process variables allows us to standardize the procedure. We start by improving ergonomics to reduce the mental and physical impact on the team. Doing so ultimately improves the process outcomes and positively impacts quality of care. DEO has been critical in helping us generate the data to get here.

Prof. dr. Kristoff Corten Orthopedic Surgeon, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg

Dr Christophe Olyslaegers DEO

Thanks to DEO's data insights, we have already implemented several improvement ideas in the OR at GZA. Fine-tuning patient appointments and parallel processing are just two examples that have saved us a lot of time and improved workflows.

Dr. Christophe Olyslaegers Orthopedic Surgeon, Ziekenhuizen GasthuisZusters Antwerpen

Yves marchal ziekenhuis oost limburg innovation manager

DEO was able to provide us with unique insights into our OR captured via its comprehensive data-model. These insights have been key to aligning the different teams while revealing opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Yves Marchal Innovation Manager, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg

origin story

The reason
we're here

Spending hundreds of hours in the operating room, we saw an opportunity to support teams to work smarter by offering data-driven OR insights to make processes easier and more efficient.

Our experience shows that you can simultaneously reduce fatigue among medical teams, increase surgery volume and profit, and improve the patient experience – resulting in greater operational excellence and true value-based healthcare.

operating room efficiency platform DEO

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