The Orthopedic Eco-System is facing serious sustainability challenges. Increasing demand, a stable healthcare provider community and declining reimbursement, result in a perfect storm. To meet these challenges, industry and healthcare providers need to work together to do more with less.

DEO enables the Orthopedic Community to treat MORE PATIENTS at a LOWER COST with OPTIMAL QUALITY OF CARE 

The DEO offering is a combination of a software platform, the MedEnvision devices, a smart-training platform and services platform. All these components are integrated into one solution, which is called the Efficient SurgerY Solution, or ESY-Solution.

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OR Efficiency Services

The DEO efficiency and clinical experts create a tailor-made implementation roadmap ensuring an optimal return on investment for your facility.


MedEnvision Devices

The MedEnvision Gripper and EsySuit enable reduction of OR time and re-allocation of OR Staff.



The modular ESY-Software platform offers components for Patients, Healthcare Provider and Industry.



Training plays a crucial and innovative role in the ESY-Solution program. It allows surgeons and surgical teams to adopt the optimized procedures smoothly and efficiently.

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Benefits of the ESY-Solution


Ease of mind
Easier Engagement
Continuous QOC Information

Healthcare Provider

Increased case volume
Reduced labor cost/surgery
Reduced material cost/surgery
Happy & healthy staff
Continuous QOC monitoring


Inventory: reduced cost & real-time data
Just in time delivery
Reduced errors
Increased rep efficiency
Faster roll-out new implant systems


For the past 5 years, Professor Corten has laid the ESY-Solution foundation. By applying lean manufacturing methodologies to his practice, Prof. Corten was able to foster extremely high levels of standardization, reproducibility and optimize quality of care. Through the implementation of the ESY-Solution, Prof. Corten has been able to increase his volume of direct anterior hip arthroplasties to 13 cases per day.

Prof. Corten’s efficiency work has not only resulted in increased volume but has also reduced the total cost of ownership for the hospital by reducing direct material cost as well as personnel costs. In addition to improved hospital economics, ergonomics have been impacted positively as well, reducing the mental and physical strain on the entire surgical team. This can lead to lower human error risks and complications.


The ESY-Solution brings all of Professor Corten's best practices and methods to surgeons and hospitals across Europe and the United States. The ESY-Solution offering begins with taking measurements at the point of care, where DEO creates a baseline using their proprietary ESY-Calculator, which assesses existing efficiency, ergonomics, and quality of care in the hospital.

Using this baseline, and considering the hospital's exact needs and strategy, a tailor-made training and change management roadmap are created.  Once implemented, new measurements are taken over time in order to prove the return on investment to the hospital as well as to identify future areas for potential improvement.