Take the next step towards value-based healthcare

We generate better data and faster insights of your products in your customer’s operating room.

What's in it for you?

Get access to faster insights based on real, high-quality data. We help you achieve your value-based healthcare goals.

Quantify your impact and value

We support you in market access projects with actual data captured at your customer’s site, so you can prove how your products can make a difference to them and their patients.

Offer added-value services

Powered by data-driven insights, we help you solve your customer’s pains and challenges. We help you help them increase operational excellence in their OR.

Gain deep customer intelligence in the OR

We model a digital twin of your customer’s OR operations to help you better understand your customers and learn which changes or products have the biggest impact.

Reach your targets with
better data, faster insights

We generate the right data for you to help you reach your targets faster.

Increase revenue

Win new accounts faster or sell more to exisiting accounts.

Maintain your margins

Reduce price pressure by adding value.

Faster product launch

Prove to customers that your products are effective.

the next step

How do we
typically work?

Together we identify your key objectives, and from there, we decide on which of our solutions can help you best achieve your targets. Typically, a collaboration starts with a pilot that later develops into a commercial partnership.

1. Define key objectives

2. Pilot

3. Commercial partnership

your true partner

We support
you every step of the way

Throughout the customer journey, our experts will support you every step of the way. We have created several assets to support you in creating targeted preparation for each of your accounts.

Prof dr Kristoff Corten DEO

Eliminating OR process variables allows us to standardize the procedure. We start by improving ergonomics to reduce the mental and physical impact on the team. Doing so ultimately improves the process outcomes and positively impacts quality of care. DEO has been critical in helping us generate the data to get here.

Prof. dr. Kristoff Corten Orthopedic Surgeon, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg

Dr Christophe Olyslaegers DEO

Thanks to DEO's data insights, we have already implemented several improvement ideas in the OR at GZA. Fine-tuning patient appointments and parallel processing are just two examples that have saved us a lot of time and improved workflows.

Dr. Christophe Olyslaegers Orthopedic Surgeon, Ziekenhuizen GasthuisZusters Antwerpen

Yves marchal ziekenhuis oost limburg innovation manager

DEO was able to provide us with unique insights into our OR captured via its comprehensive data-model. These insights have been key to aligning the different teams while revealing opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Yves Marchal Innovation Manager, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg