Dr. Ferro, United States: Optimizing OR efficiency with data-driven insights and strategic change management

The Nano Clinic, an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Arroyo Grande, California, has developed a strong reputation for hip and knee replacement surgery because of its dedicated, focused efforts to develop a care protocol that delivers top-notch patient-centric care. When the ASC wanted to optimize their OR process workflow, medical director Dr. Thomas Ferro found a partner in DEO.care to bring this expertise into their process. This connection was made possible through a collaboration between DEO.care and Corentec, hip and knee implant provider to Nano Clinic.

Partnering with DEO.care

With DEO.care’s process digital twin technology, Dr. Ferro and his team at Nano Clinic took a deep dive into their processes, obtaining a clear picture of their OR operations. Coupled with the DEO.care best practices database, specific opportunities were identified to streamline processes. Then, the impact of change opportunities was simulated to avoid costly trial and error, allowing identification of the most notable improvement areas. 

DEO.care’s engineer facilitated a workshop to help the Nano Clinic team manage change effectively, helping them align around new processes in a collaborative manner. This ensured that every team member had a voice in shaping the proposed workflow changes. 

Marissa VanGuilder, the anesthesia provider, has always endeavored to optimize processes within her purview. She appreciated the impartial perspective offered by data analysis, which highlighted areas for improvement beyond individual biases. This made for open and easy conversations to drive change across the entire OR workflow. 

Regina Herring, OR manager, lauded the granularity of data provided by DEO.care, enabling the identification of specific and actionable insights. She adds, It was so good to work with an engineer who understood the data and our specific processes. She was helpful throughout the process, answering any questions we had, and most importantly, quickly identifying the data points and sharing insights to help us make decisions that would optimize our OR efficiency and uphold patient-centric care standards.” 


Supported by DEO.care, the Nano Clinic team seamlessly integrated the recommended changes, resulting in the OR day being shortened by one hour. This not only translated into a 50% reduction in overtime, enabling cost savings, but it also enhanced staff satisfaction by allowing them to finish their day earlier. 

The OR day with a typical case-mix ended one hour earlier following implementation of recommended improvements, resulting in a 50% reduction in overtime.

Nano Clinic’s experience underscores the importance of leveraging data to understand and improve operational processes effectively. Through collaboration with DEO.care, even small changes proved to have a significant impact, demonstrating the potential for continuous improvement in healthcare settings. 

What’s Next 

Looking ahead, Dr. Ferro and his team remain committed to continuous improvement, recognizing the value of regular reassessment and incremental changes to further optimize efficiency.

In a competitive healthcare landscape, organizations like Nano Clinic exemplify the proactive approach towards operational excellence. By embracing data-driven solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, they not only enhanced efficiency but also reaffirmed their commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. Their work with DEO.care serves as a compelling example for healthcare providers seeking to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare delivery with precision and agility.